Our story started on a business trip to New York

What started off as a joke slowly morphed into an amusing idea and finally into what you see here. We have been asked many times, where the brand name comes from. So, it is time to tell you, without saving any of the dirty details. For some of you this might be heavy stuff and some can even find the content inappropriate, if so; sorry. But this is how it happened. We´re just telling the truth.

We believe that underwear is the most important layer of clothing.

Someone even said that good underwear is the essence of self-confidence. For us the self-confidence means you do not have to pay unnecessary attention to the underwear.

The Fundamental Layer of Confidence ™

It all started with the intention to make men's underwear which does not feel like anything at all. Coincidentally, a perfect fabric was found and an excellent pattern was created. We will be the best underwear brand to the world. This means that we focus on doing just one thing: underwear.

Only three balls matter™

If you have a two of your own, you also have the opinion of a perfect underwear. The third ball is our home planet. In fashion industry, we need to think seriously about how the planet's declining resources are used. That is why we use Smoothshell, an outstandingly soft and comfortable fabric made from the ocean plastics and other industrial plastic waste even before it ends in our oceans.