Our fabrics and Women's Panties

Our panties are designed for active women. The fabric is true fit, two-way -stretch, highly breathable and lightweight nylon, finished to give almost a silky touch and feel. Currently there are two models of our women's panties: Hipster Briefs and Hotpants. But what's the difference?


Women's hipster fashion briefs are perfect for everyday wear, giving you plenty of on-trend outfit options season after season. Our hipsters are very easy to wear and make a great addition to your casualwear collection. 

They are lightweight, breathable, quick-drying and designed to make you feel confident whether you're heading to a concert, evening gatherings or a lunch with friends. The silky touch and feel and cheery colours keep you happy all day.


Our comfortable and stylish atheleisure hotpants are designed to stay in place and are the perfect fit for training and exercise. So let's be honest: these are not the most comfortable for all everyday occasions but they fit well and keep everything in place - both in intense workouts and anything else that involves effort. 


Please note that the sizing of our panties differs from many of the respected peers like CK or Björn Borg and our panties are usually larger - so, please take a look at the size charts on the product pages before ordering to get the best fit for you!