Hope, compassion, balance and renewal

There’s a fresh, new colour in our collection - Fresh Green.

The line between ending up with a perfect tone or almost perfect tone is very fine. We think this went well, the green colour represents compassion, growth, good luck, hope, perseverance, balance, success and generosity. It increases peace and security, calms, heals, creates growth and life. Of course, attributes such as jealousy, immaturity, inexperience, and guilt are also attached to it.

When we thought about how to communicate the new colour in a way that suits us, it was pretty clear that we’re going to need a genuine couple with a history. Nina and Jani have been married for 26 years and have experienced together all that the green colour symbolises. And much more.

“The only way to connect with another person is to be connected with myself. From all possible alternatives in the world, I would choose you again and again, every morning”

The pictures are something like Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

The photoshoot took place overnight in an enchanting Finnish forest, only the ass (pun intended) was replaced by an alpaca and when the morning dawned, the same lovers were still together. What could be more beautiful?