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"When exercising, sweaty and chafing underwear is just horrible."

"When exercising, sweaty and chafing underwear is just horrible."

Saara, who lives an active everyday life, has had a hard time finding underwear that can withstand hard training and several washes.

Like wearing nothing at all.

The last thing she wants to think about in the midst of rush is a chafing bra strap or underwear seam peeking out from under her workout tights.

Saara, who works as a nurse, spends a large part of her workdays on her feet. When the work is done, she needs to reset her mind: work at the hospital is social and requires precision. Even though she often walks thousands of steps during the workday, Saara makes time for exercise in her daily routine. She aims to go to the gym three to four times a week.

"I work in shifts, so the weeks can be different. However, I try to organize my days so that I exercise for at least half an hour in addition to work, whether it's jogging, weight training, or cycling."


According to Saara, good underwear should stay in place well, withstand sweat, and be discreet under workout tights.

Poorly fitting underwear is a nightmare.

An active lifestyle requires suitable equipment. Those were what Saara was looking for when she participated in the test group for the other danish girl underwear collection.
She is meticulous in her choice of underwear. Underwear must fit both the body's shapes and the various activities of the day. Especially when exercising, few things feel worse than sweaty and chafing underwear that doesn't stay in place.

"Sweaty and chafing underwear is absolutely horrific", Saara says.

To her delight, the Shameless Low Waist Thong underwear was a perfect fit. The lightweight and low-rise thong underwear has a snug waistband.

"Underwear must stay in place, withstand sweat, and be discreet under workout tights. The other danish girl's underwear was just like that, I was really satisfied."

Once she finds a model that meets her criteria, Saara tends to prefer it year after year and buy it in several different colors. She believes the same will happen with the other danish girl underwear.

Pretty bras for everyday use

Saara always buys bras in person from professional stores, never online without trying them on. It's important to Saara that, for example, when running, bras support the breasts. Even everyday bras must have underwire.

"Many don't realize how much support a woman's breast truly needs. Even when walking calmly, the breasts jiggle a bit and gravity pulls them down. There is stretching and stretch marks."

In active sports, the other danish girl's Metropolitan Top bras did not offer quite enough support, but Saara recommends them for everyday use and at most light yoga or stretching. In her opinion, the bras have a beautiful V-shaped neckline symmetrically in the front and back.

Underwear made from recycled fabric lasts.

If Saara could design her dream underwear, it would be very close to the other danish girl products she tested. They must of course be practical and comfortable, but also beautiful and flattering. At best, they should last from morning to evening for both work and sports.

The underwear and bras Saara tested are made from Smoothshell Light™ fabric, which is 100% recycled polyamide. They felt unobtrusive and silky on, and also looked good to Saara.

"The underwear is very flattering for the buttocks. The bras have a beautiful shape."


The underwear remained just as good-looking throughout the two-week test period. They worked both at work and in leisure time, during some sports activities and under different clothes.

Unlike some of the underwear Saara purchased from chain stores, the other danish girl products did not fray or stretch in heavy use and multiple washes.

"I especially recommend these panties to anyone. They are perfect."

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