Season 2

Episode 10  -  Noora Karma

Episode 10 - Noora Karma

Bring it on. If you could predict the future, everything that makes it interesting would disappear from life.

Episode 9  -  Jukka-Pekka Puro

Episode 9 - Jukka-Pekka Puro

Deep waters. There’s a life before a lethal diagnosis and there’s a life after that.

Episode 8  -  Jarkko Sjöman

Episode 8 - Jarkko Sjöman

Bohemian something. When a social media consultant starts making art and gets an exhibition in Milan, he becomes an easy target to hate.

Episode 7  -  Laura

Episode 7 - Laura

Strong  woman. “Personally, I don’t consider myself very feminine”. What is feminine and who can define it?

Episode 6  -  Olli HIetalahti

Episode 6 - Olli HIetalahti

Tough journey. It ain’t over until the porn star ends up in jail. And yet, the story gets even better than the original one.

Episode 5  -  Samu Lindholm

Episode 5 - Samu Lindholm

TODG Ink. Every brand secretly hopes to be so relevant that someone would tattoo the logo on themselves.

Episode 4  -  Jasper Pääkkönen

Episode 4 - Jasper Pääkkönen

Only three balls matter. Jasper Pääkkönen as a guest.

Episode 3  -  Meri Niemi

Episode 3 - Meri Niemi

Diversity delusion. Can dance go so deep into a person that it brings to life not only one’s own personality but also guilt about things that have happened hundreds of years ago?

Episode 2  -  Sampo Marjomaa

Episode 2 - Sampo Marjomaa

Jack of too many trades.  Do we have to get along even if we disagree?

Episode 1  -  Aleksi Tossavainen

Episode 1 - Aleksi Tossavainen

Skin the game.  Self-confidence is about allowing those around me to experience the real me, not the image.