Eco Undies

This brand is not about us having somehow miraculously managed to make the best underwear in the world that you can’t even feel when wearing. Even our customers think we're doing quite well.

But what really gives us a meaning? Basically anyone can make decent products. Since we had decided to use plastic waste collected from the oceans as a raw material, we wondered how it should be communicated so that the recipient would not get a gag reflex. We wanted to avoid any kind of moral posturing where it’s more important to hit the tambourine and emphasise responsibility rather than live the values up.

After all, no one buys underwear just because they’re ecological. Nor is there a sufficient reason to buy, because the company behind is acting responsibly. Responsibility is the starting point of any business operations. Everything has to be transparent so that it works properly even when no one is watching. Our practice bypasses idealism: the more garments made from this material, the more discarded fishing nets can be harvested from the oceans.

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